Our Heritage

The Anchor brand is born

The Anchor brand was created in 1886 when entrepreneurial Cornish famer, Henry Reynolds, established a tiny factory in New Zealand with the goal of making quality butter. From these small beginnings, Anchor has grown to become one of the top global brands with a wide range of dairy products sold in 70 countries.

Milking machines introduced

In 1888, mechanical milking machines were introduced which allowed cows to be milked quickly and efficiently. These machines were initially regarded with suspicion, but by 1940 almost 90 per cent of cows in New Zealand were machine-milked.

The first milk powder!

While the methods of milking improved, so too did methods of manufacture, and the first New Zealand milk powder was produced in Makino in 1901.

Anchor New Zealand’s #1 milk brand

We are involved in the process every step of the way from the farm where the milk is sourced, to delivering the product to the stores. Anchor milk products are always made from gold standard quality milk. That is what made us New Zealand’s number 1 milk brand.